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WYP Leeds District award

Each year West Yorkshire Police host a recognition event for their officers, staff and volunteers to acknowledge the challenges & in many cases the sheer bravery of actions in protecting the community they serve. These are held across the different policing districts, with the Leeds District awards supported by Leeds University in their Great Hall. Many with feel they have an understanding of the difficult situations faced by officers in the line of duty, but even those would have been shocked by some of the examples of service being credited at this ceremony with multiple examples of going ‘above & beyond’ to protect and save lives. It was a very proud moment for Rob Wilson, our founder & coordinator to stand alongside these officers to receive a commendation for ‘Community & Partnership Leader of the Year’. The words on the award recognise the work undertaken in providing direct compassionate support within the LGBT+ communities in Leeds, and constructively working to bridge the gaps in trust between the community with the police force:

“In recognition of your commitment and dedication to the safety of LGBT+ communities & individuals, including setting up and leading the Angels of Freedom and actively working with Leeds District Police through the LGBT+ Hate Crime Scrutiny Panel”

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